Highest Paying Medical Jobs in Canada & Best Universities to Get Hired

Over 600,000 international students have chosen to study in Canada. Many will remain in Canada after graduation to find a job.

We’ve identified ten of the highest-paid jobs in Canada. Doctors with different specializations are at the top, but product owners, nurses, and miners all earn very high salaries.

Many areas of work can lead to high income, especially if you are in a senior or leadership position. Nothing beats the joy you get from doing what you love.

However, there are some domains, such as IT, law, or architecture, in which even with a low average salary, you can still make more than the rest.

Remember that average salaries are intended to give an idea of what you might earn. Your skills and knowledge will play a significant role in your income. It is because of this that the university you choose matters a lot. Below, we have listed the universities that will give you the best chance to get the job you want.

What degrees are related to the highest-paying job in Canada

You need to think about your work field, your university, and the career path you will take to land the best-paying job in Canada.

Medical sciences

  1. Physician $25,843 per annum

Doctors are the most highly-paid profession in Canada. The salaries of surgeons, radiologists, cardiologists, and anaesthesiologists can reach as high as $300,000.

  1. Dentist $177 266 per annum

Dentists are not covered under state insurance. This means that dentists can open their own private practice and earn a significant income.

  1. Psychologists $138,000/year

People are increasingly interested in psychotherapy. This is partly due to the increasing awareness of the importance and pressures placed on people by the times.

  1. Optometrist $103,328 per annum

First, you must have a Bachelor’s degree and, in medical sciences, a Master’s, if necessary, a Ph.D. to be eligible for one of Canada’s top jobs. These universities are the top in Canada for medical sciences according to QS Subject Ranking. However, the prestige of a university does not mean that it will prepare you for the job market.

We also examined their employability scores in both the QS Graduate Employability Ranking as well as in the Global University Employability Ranking.

  1. Nurse Practitioners $91,727 annually

The highest level of nursing in Canada is the one held by nurse practitioners (NP). These nurses have the additional training and experience needed to diagnose and treat illness, perform medical procedures, and prescribe most medications. They can perform many of the same tasks as physicians. An NP’s average salary in Canada is $91,727.

  1. Registered Nurse $78,570 annually

Registered nurses (RNs), are healthcare workers who provide personalized care for patients in hospitals, clinics, care homes, and patient homes. They are responsible for monitoring patients and administering medication, as well as executing treatment plans.

Canada’s average salary for a registered nurse is $78,570 per annum, while entry-level RNs earn an average of $41,396.

  1. Paramedics $73,918 annually

Paramedics provide medical care on-site and respond to emergencies.

Paramedics are trained to safely transport patients to nearby medical facilities for further treatment. Paramedics in Canada make an average of $73,918 annually.

  1. Radiation Therapist $71,888

Radiation therapists provide radiation therapy to patients suffering from cancer or other diseases. Their job is to protect patients from radiation overexposure.

This is the highest-paying job in healthcare, with an average annual salary of $71,888 in Canada.

  1. Dental Hygienist $72,953 per

Dental hygienists provide dental care by cleaning teeth and checking for gingivitis and cavities.

Although they cannot treat oral diseases themselves, they can refer patients to dentists for treatment. Canadian dental hygienists make an average of $72,953.

  1. Chiropractor $68,000 per

Chiropractors diagnose and treat chronic conditions as well as mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal systems, such as arthritis, damaged bones, nerves, and muscles.

If there is pain or damage to the neck or back, they can also help. This job has a national average salary of $68,000.

  1. Physical Therapists $65,639/year

Patients with movement problems due to chronic or past injuries are treated by physical therapists (PTs).

They assist patients with rehabilitative exercises and individual treatment plans that promote healing and improve their range of motion. This job is worth $65,639 annually.

  1. Dietitian $58,267 annually

According to Dietitians of Canada, these professionals are passionate about food’s potential to improve lives and health.

They make nutrition easy to understand for everyone so that healthy living can be supported in Canada.

Multiple sources have reported that the national average salary for this job as a dietician is $58,267 per annum. This is why it is one of the highest-paying jobs within healthcare.

  1. Phlebotomist $54,980 annually

For testing or donation, phlebotomists take blood samples from patients’ capillaries and veins. They can also handle blood specimens and transfuse blood for research.

They work in hospitals, medical laboratories, and other settings under the supervision of doctors. The average annual earnings for phlebotomists working in Canada are $54,980

  1. Physician Assistant $48,189 annually

Physician assistants (PAs), who work under the supervision of physicians, provide direct care for patients in a variety of healthcare settings such as hospitals and clinics. They assist in surgeries and perform other medical tasks.

They can also order laboratory tests and prescribe medications. Multiple sources have reported that the average annual salary of a PA in Canada amounts to $48,189.

Canada’s work environment

It is more than choosing the right career path or degree. You also need to have soft skills in order to lend one of Canada’s highest-paying jobs.

Canada is a welcoming country with a friendly work culture that welcomes both Canadian and international graduates. You need to gain experience. The best way to do this is to meet new people and network.

Managers are expected to treat their employees with respect and give constructive feedback. You should communicate with your manager if you aren’t satisfied with the answer or don’t fully understand something.

Punctuality and positivity are also appreciated.

Part-time jobs in Canada are also possible. This will allow you to get used to the working environment while still in school.

Best University to Hire

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Waterloo
  • McGill University
  • University of Montreal
Do you need a Canada work visa?

You can work in Canada for up to three years after you have completed your international degree program.

Within 90 days of receiving your written confirmation that your academic degree has been completed, you must apply for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Programme.

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